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Map Key


1 Parking Lots

2 Suspension of Disbelief Bridge

3 Ticket Booths and The Blur

4 Segal’s Floral Clocks


Setting Square

5 Plot Line Station

6 Founders Hall

7 Blank’s Page and Canvas Club

8 The Corner of Time and Place

9 The Camouflage Forest

10 Plotters Field Cemetery

11 Culte des Huit Maison


Who Block

12 Traits R Us

13 Empathy’s Costume Shop

14 Frame ‘Em Up Gallery


Where Block

15 The Map Shack and
    The Unreal Estate Agency

16 Café Genre

17 Somewhere in Time Clock Shop


Why Block

18 Desire, Fear and Fuzzy Logic:
    General Appeals

19 The Unreliable Narrator Book Shop

20 The POV Camera Boutique

21 The Greatest Story Ever Told
    Christmas Shop


What Block

22 Mission Statement to Mars

23 Metaphor Boutique

24 Sign and Symbol Shop


Vera Similatude’s Plaza

25 The Hub with Blank Statue

26 Mount Rashomon Visitor Center

27 The Bamboozled Lounge

28 The Emperor’s New Clothes

29 The Temple of Dolos and Apate




1 Triumph of the Will Sky Way

2 The Jingo Cruise/
  Tomorrow Belongs to the USA

3 The Operation Dessert Storm
  Ice Cream Parlor

4 The Political Spin

5 The Potemkin Village Boat Ride

6 The Red Scare and Black Ball Pit

7 Reminiscence Adult Day Care

8 The Hot Air Politician Balloon Ride

9 Click’s Bait and Switch Shop &
  The Phishing Dock

10 Placebo First Aid Station

11 The Dale Showroom

12 The Brain Washer

13 The Police Ride along with Officer McGrift

14 Drink the Kool-Aid Stand

15 Trojan Horse Internet Café

16 Gaslight Inn and Bakery

17 Plato’s Shadow Theater

18 The Mayflower Simulator

19 Proctor’s Ledge Hanging Tree

20 Carousel of Conquest

21 Papa Gander’s Propaganda Circus

22 The Dogma and Pony Show



23 Journey into Conspiracy

24 Tin Foil Hat Booth

25 Great Moments with Mr. Kennedy

26 Moon Landing Bounce House

27 The Great Ginger Extinction

28 Back Masking Sound Studios

29 Creepy Pasta Diner

30 Grassy Knoll Shooting Gallery


1 The Forger’s Art Gallery

2 Mr. Eckshun’s Snake Oil Wagon

3 The Blindman’s Zoo

4 Red Dye 40 Kool-Aid Stand

5 Imposter Designer Perfumery

6 Making Scents Bistro

7 Trompe l’oeil Tower

8 KFOH Radio Station

9 Abignale’s Paper Hangers and
  Stationary Store

10 Costume Jeweler’s Row

11 The Slanted News Stand

12 The Simulated Reality Plot Line Station

13 Kid’s Kingdom of Boxes

14 The Foxx Who Cried Wolf

15 The Polybius Arcade

16 The Reality TV Studio

17 The Rialto Theater

18 Brecht’s Broken 4th Wall Theater

19 The House of Mirrors

20 The Virtual Reality Dome

21 Flight School Simulators

22 The Gran D’illusion Salon

23 The Treachery of Theme Parks

24 Scroller Coaster

25 The Artificial Greenhouse

26 Uncanny Valley Ranch





1 Entrance Arch

2 Mama Tomato’s Pizzeria

3 McLeprechaun O’Banshee’s

4 The Swan Butcher

5 Der Weite Busen Biergarten

6 Le Caniche Gourmand

7 The Alpine Fondue Chalet

8 Gardens of Olympus

9 Tatemae The Oriental Noodle Company

10 Tiki Oasis

11 Walkabout’s Steakhouse

12 The Hyper Reality Plot Line Station

13 The Queen’s Cod & The Kings Codpiece

14 Casa de Taco


Kitsch Gardens

15 The Giant Muffler Man

16 Mount Oldenburg

17 The Brown Derby

18 The Big Whale Stage

19 Big Food!

20 Big Shops!

21 FiestaWare Fiesta


Post Modern Mountain

22 The Outdoor Experience

23 The Humanizer

24 The Revolving Restaurant

25 The Retro Diner

26 The Wild West That Wasn’t

27 The Farmyard Jamboree


Ye Olde Colonial Civil Renaissance
Re-Enactment Festival Faire

28 Ye Olde Towne featuring
  Turkey Leg Cars and Starbucks

29 The Empress’s Hedge Maze

30 The History Twister

31 The Queen’s Jousting Grounds and
    General’s Battlefield

32 The Gettysburg Encampment

33 Fauxlljah




Port Distortion

1 The Port of Entry

2 The Pink Elephant Cocktail Bar

3 Le Lotus Bleu Opium Den

4 The Crack House

5 Bourbon Street Saloon

6 QED Frat House

7 The Ayahuasca Hut

8 Molly’s Dance Hall

9 The Weed Dispensary

10 The Mushroomery

11 The Electric Kool-Aid Stand


Merchantainment Mall

12 South Wing

            Ancient Monument Entrance

            Corporate Klassy Food Factory

13 West Wing

            The Royal Court of Home Goods

            Mini ETOCS Food Court

            Feel Bad About Your Body Works

            Feel Bad About Your Body Lingerie

14 North Wing

            Discount Exotic Imports

            Fruit Cult Computer Store

            Super Smelly Candle Shop

            Well Branded Department Store

            Toxic Masculinity Hardware

            The Great Pyramid of Toys

15 East Wing

            Floor Dresses Discount Shop

            Youth Pander’s Forced Hip Shop

            Pretentieux Kitchenware

            Quirky’s Crap on the Wall Bistro

            The Great Outdoors Indoors

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