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To the west of Story Street, through the Camouflage Forest, is Perceived Reality –a land themed to one’s own subjective view of the world. How we understand what is real and what is true comes down to how we individually receive sensory messages. Is seeing really believing? Are your beliefs reality?

Persuasive Fauxbricators of the past, very often came to great power creating “realities” for nations and congregations. In this land you can explore those two perceived realities.


Start with a shadow puppet show in Plato’s Cave Theater or enjoy all the political clowns at Papa Gander’s Propaganda Circus. Then wander over the Gas Light Bridge to the towering pyramid of the Conspiratorium, where you can travel along with the Schemefinder to help him rescue his goat Patsy from falling for conspiracy hoaxes. Grab a quick refreshment at the Kool-Aid Stand (everyone else is) and then splash down in The Bain Washer. For a bigger thrill, find yourself falling from grace as you become a victim of The Red Scare.  Or just sit back and enjoy a leisurely cruise through old world Russian Potemkin Villages. Perceived Reality is also home to the Placebo First Aid Station and Reminiscence Adult Day Care.


“A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

Joseph Goebbels

Chief Propagandist, Nazi Party

ca. 1935

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