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Situated in the north side of the park, Simulated Reality is a perfect place to spend the afternoon (or a lifetime) during your visit to Fauxtopia. This land is ruled by Empress Vera Similitude, who offers guests a variety of portals in which to experience this reality. Stages, screens, monitors, mirrors and painted images are entry ways into new worlds. These portals are the theme for this area of the park, because they have become such a vital role in communication. So much so, that they often eclipse the message itself –is it Facebook we have a problem with? Or what someone is posting on Facebook? Or both?


Start with lunch at The Making Scents Bistro, where science is the main ingredient in every dish. Then immerse yourself in video games at the Polybius Arcade or a matinee at Brecht’s Broken 4th Wall Theatre. But beware of spending too much time in Simulated Reality for you can easily be trapped on The Scroller Coaster or swindled at Forger’s Art Gallery, or worse, to fall prey to Foxxy Murdoch, the TV journalist who manipulates her public following through fear-mongering. But before you leave Simulated Reality, make sure not to miss embarking upon The Treachery of Theme Parks –although, some might say that “this is not a ride.”

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