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The immersion into Fauxtopia begins in the parking lot, over the Suspension of Disbelief Bridge and through the fog that blurs the line between reality and the park. Stroll under the Plot Line Station and you are in Setting Square at the beginning of Story Street. The spine of any faux reality is based on the story it creates, so here is where you start your visit.


Setting Square designates time and place, which is obviously “Here and Now”. The blocks of Story Street are based on the parts of every story –the Who, the Where, the Why and the What. Each block is home to an array of shops and boutiques that will better help you define the story.


Just off the west side of Story Street is Plotters Field Cemetery, where old stories go to die, but are more likely reincarnated in the mysterious Culte des huit Maison (translated from French, The Cult of Eight House) that is home to the Spirits of Imagination.


Ultimately Story Street ends at the Temple of Dolos and Apate, the Greek god and goddess of trickery and deceit respectively. This temple is a fun house where things end up being quite different than expected. However, each time a guest “gets it” –and understands Fauxtopia– fireworks erupt and the light bulb atop the temple glows with realization.


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